What is a true Love?

What is a true Love

LOVE. Five letters are very difficult to understand. This language of love is a language that is shared by everyone in this world. Although there are various languages that exist in this world, but the language of love is easy to recognize, even though we are from different languages.

Many of us do not know the true meaning of love. Although in fact there has been a lot of love that we have gotten from people who truly love us truly. Perhaps, they have never said this word love. But, what they give you is a true love.

What is the Love?

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal interest. Love is a  positive feeling and is given to humans. Expression of love for a human being such as:

  • Love for family – father, mother, brother and sister, baby, child
  • Love for families relatives – grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, cousin, brother/sister in law, etc.

Family is the first place someone knows love. The love you get from your father, mother and siblings teaches you the language of love without you ever knowing to read the love writing. In your family, family members are father, mother and you as children of the family. You grow and raise up with so much love that get from your mother and father. And also you gets more love from your brother or sister. You have gained so much love since you were first born. This is the real and true love you already have.

True Love from Your Family

You will never be able to count how much love you have in your family. Since you are baby until now, your family still give love for you. Your father and mother still love you. Your brothers or sisters still love you. This is a true love.

So much love that you have in your family. No matter whether you are an adult or have a family, the love memories of being with your father, mother, your brother and sister, are irreplaceable with anything. When you realize that love is unspeakable, you will surely give them far more love. This is the true meaning of love.

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