Love in Togetherness

Love in Togetherness

In this fast-paced era, busy activities make someone forget about their time. More and more office work has become a burden for some people people who work as employees. However, this is a job that must be done by those who work. The results of the work can be enjoyed with the salary we will receive every week or every month. And every weekend, you can enjoy time together with your family.

In the family, each family member has their role. A father works to earn money so that he can meet the family’s needs. A mother is at home to teach their child. A child respects both parents. In the family, family members look after each other and protect each other. In togetherness there is love. Love in togetherness creates kindness. This kindness will grow in the hearts of all family members and make them kind people.

But, when all their attention has changed. Their jobs, busyness, office work, school work and a lot of work at home, divert love for togetherness. They are now happy alone with their cellphones, it make them to never talk and sit to get together anymore. This habit makes them never greet each other again. They have made their cellphones as friends in their respective virtual worlds.

The park are never visit in the afternoon. We rarely meet and talk with our neighbors, never see children play ball in the yard with their friend. We never visit our grandmother or grandfather’s home anymore.

Technology creates ease of work for humans. Technology helps complete the works. But, technology cannot replace our presence in the real world. A love, joy, happiness, happy memories that we get when together. This togetherness creates a sweet memory for all of us.

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