Understanding a Feeling of Love

Understanding a Feeling of Love

When love comes to greet you, you will never know its presence. You don’t know the beginning and how love comes. And you don’t even know why love approaches you.

Love is a feeling that is owned by humans. This feeling of love is difficult to measure logically and difficult to understand by the mind. A love usually starts with a meeting. From this meeting, a man and a woman were attracted to one another. The man greets the woman, and the woman answer the man’s greeting.

From this brief meeting, they exchanged contact numbers so they could arrange time to meet again. Usually they also exchange Instagram accounts so that they can find out whether the man or woman has a girlfriend/boyfriend or is in love before meeting you. Even worse, when you do not know that the man or woman you meet before has a family and has children. Of course, this important information is very important for you to know before you establish a closer relationship with the man or woman you know just now.

From unexpected encounters and the courage to say “Hi..,” one another, a sense of joy is established. This feeling of love is different from the feeling of love.

Usually a man shows this love as a last resort that falls on the woman. The man buys her favorite items, shopping at the malls, invites her to eat together, goes out on weekends and spends time together. This does not only happen to men who are in love, but also to women who are in love. It’s true the saying goes, “Falling in Love So Beautiful”. Real love expressed. Express your love to her/him if you really love her/him.

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