A Way to Say “I Love You”

A Way to Say I Love You

Having love for someone is a gift. We can choose who we will live with when we are old, go through difficult times together and the happiness of this life. A way to say “I Love You” to someone is easy for you to do. What was difficult was finding the person.

A Way to Say “I Love You”

In this modern age, we easily make friends with people online. Some of them, maybe your co-workers, your relatives, or other.  people from different countries with you. At work, in the park, even in your bed, you can make friends with many people with your digital device – your cellphone or laptop. Just turn on your digital device, and you can add them as friends.

This sophisticated era is different from the era passed by the author himself. At that time, there was no cellphone to call or send SMS. In those beautiful times, meeting a girl, we needed to come to her house just to meet and talk. The beautiful and full of togetherness is a special memory for us.

Therefore, once you get to know someone, the author would like to share a suggestion with you. After you meet someone, ask to meet you. With your presence, you can get to know their nature and attitude. In some time, often to spend time together. In this way, you can establish good friendships.

A Present for Presence

Being present in the real world – when meeting in person – is a good thing for making friends.

However, how about online friends, can this work too? The answer is Of course, with your presence online, your friendship is getting stronger. This also applies to people who are in long distance relationships. Your concern, your attitude, and your support let them know that you are ready to live life together.

Making love has a definite purpose in life. Everyone has a definite purpose in life, in this life. After you meet your life choice, keep that love. Life is not as easy as it sounds, however, it is not as difficult as it is lived. Togetherness in happiness is what people sometimes forget.

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