Why We Love National Dog Day

Why We Love National Dog Day

We celebrate National Dog Day on August 26, and we are all happy with our dogs. Like an old words say, “Dog is a man is best friend”, we need to show some love for our dogs. Whether you have big dogs or small dogs, every pup should be celebrated on this National Dog Day.

This National Dog Day holiday was created in 2004. Colleen Paige, a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate created this day so that all dogs can be happy because the number of pet (especially dogs) increase in shelters. With the day, she need to draw attention to brings more love for animal so people can adopted and protect the animals in their environment.

Spending Time with Your Beloved Dog

More and more people are now taking care of and taking their pet dogs on trips. Some of them also don’t mind taking these animals around by car. And of course keep their vehicles clean. If you have a dog (or multiple dogs), you’re probably all too familiar with bringing your beloved friends along for the ride in the car with this dog car seat car.

Bring only one dog with you, you must use front seat dog cover product for the cleanliness of your vehicle. People don’t forget to bring some pet supplies according to your needs. You must also bring the need for a dog walking time with your beloved dog. Keeping pets like dogs is fun and has many helpfulness. Some of these kindness are:

  • Dogs keep us happy and healthy.
  • They comfort us
  • They love us more

Due to the popularity of the dog as a pet, a special day of celebration for this dog was held. So it’s obvious isn’t it, why we love National Dog Day?

How We Show Our Love Within This National Dog Day

  • Take care our dogs (feed them, protect them and don’t hurt them)
  • Buy your dog some gift to show you are pet/dog lovers
  • Protect your dog and don’t hurt them

Just as we love other pets, dogs are one of them. The more construction for buildings, highways and other large structures in cities decrease the location where they can live. If they could survive, they would end up in an animal shelter. Within this National Dog Day, more people can bring peace and protect animal-life, protect animal environment living, so that they can live happily in this world.

Pets also provide shared happiness in our homes. When winter comes, the family gathers together in the house. There are many interesting things we can do when winter comes. Our families gather together to spend time together. Including our pets.

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