How to Live a Proper Healthy Dating

How to Live a Proper Healthy Dating

One way to keep your love relationship long-lasting is to understand your partner’s love language. The importance of understanding the language of love between you and your partner is certainly not without reason. This will make it easier for you to express your feelings of love and affection in the way she/he wants.

Get to Know People Better

From childhood friends to coworkers. From friends playing games to online friends. By nature, we all socialize with others around us. Of course, humans are social creatures. Therefore, we cannot live without other people.

When we start a new phase of getting to know other people, of course we need time to get to know them. Starting from personality, background, to daily habits. A person’s outward appearance does not fully reflect their personality. But that also doesn’t mean we don’t need to take care of cleanliness and maintain the health of our bodies.

Is this love that I feel? Maybe that’s what happened to everyone not just you. Before we love others too deeply, we should need to know that person better. How to get to know other people is one of the ways how to live a proper healthy dating without deep pain in your heart.

How to Live a Proper Healthy Dating

Practice compassionate communication

First, don’t forget to practice loving communication. Through the right words, you can still create a healthy dating relationship. These words may seem classic, but love requires two-way communication. Without him or you, your relationship could be tenuous.

Give support to your partner

How to support your partner? Not only through giving lots of gifts that they might get tired of receiving them.

Both men and women have their own hobbies. For example, your boyfriend likes to enjoy walks on the beach, you can support your boyfriend by accompanying him on the beach. Some people just need the simple things in life because we don’t know how complicated work problems in their office are, or the problems they currently have.

If she/he is looking for a new job, support them by giving her/him a motivation for his/her success. Don’t give up, and keep supporting your partner.

Give time and space for togetherness

Tensile relationships are unhealthy for all of us. Therefore, every weekend, give time for you and your partner together. With this time together, you can open up to each other about what’s going on in their daily lives.

Maybe they don’t want to tell you because it will be inconvenient or difficult for you. Therefore, when you are together, try to be open about what problems are going on so that you and your partner can solve them together.

Accept every partner’s weaknesses and strengths

Nobody is perfect. With the shortcomings that exist in each of us, both men and women, it is natural to understand. Humans are given a mind, with it we can think to be better. This is our strength as humans.

In a relationship, we do not need to pay attention to someone’s physical appearance. It doesn’t mean that our partner doesn’t need to be beautiful or handsome. Our partners keep their bodies clean to be healthy. Therefore they appear beautiful or handsome.

If our partners can be independent in their lives, meet their own needs, and can meet the needs of other people, namely you, as a partner, then these are the advantages we need to consider in establishing a healthy relationship.

Be open to finding commitment

Every book we read, there must be an end. Likewise with the writing you are reading right now.

Your love must have an end. Are you ready to commit to being with him for the rest of your life? Or maybe you are still confused about choosing your partner?

Therefore, the last item in this how to live a proper healthy dating is opens up on finding a commitment. The person you have been with, did you agree to continue this relationship or are we just friends? With them 5 years or maybe up to 10 years, we need to be open in talking about your love relationship.

The end of a love is happiness. Happiness in living life. Human love relationships are united by marriage. Therefore, give your answer regarding your love relationship so far, do you want to be with him or is it enough to stop here? Thank You

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