Benefits of Ramadan Fasting for Health

Benefits of Ramadan Fasting for Health -

Carrying out fasting means carrying out one of the pillars of Islam. The month of Ramadan is one of the months in the Islamic calendar. The month of Ramadan only comes once a year. Therefore, all Muslims in the world welcome the month of Ramadan with joy.

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for 30 days. Fasting according to Islamic law means refraining from anything that cancels it from sunrise to sunset, accompanied by the intention to fast. However, it turns out that apart from religious reasons, fasting is also done for certain medical needs and can even cure illnesses. So, to find out the benefits of fasting for the health of the body, consider the following list!

Benefits of Ramadan Fasting for Health

Here are the benefits you can get when fasting:

1. Controlling Nutritional Intake

When we fast during Ramadan, we take care of the intake of nutrients that enter our body. Thus, we can maintain the intake of nutrients that enter our bodies when we fast. Maintaining nutritional intake for the body means we improve our diet. Thus, our diet becomes regular with better nutritional intake.

When we control the intake of nutrients that enter our bodies, whether they come from food or drink. So, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, the body’s mineral salt intake is better because we don’t add food or drink to our body, so that the body can carry out metabolic processes much better.

2. Increase Body Metabolism

When our body is fasting, the body’s intake of food or drink will be limited. Therefore, the body’s metabolic function will improve. The body’s metabolic function will increase due to the reduced workload of the body’s organs in processing incoming food/drinks.

3. Helps Lose Weight

The food or drink we consume every day cannot be controlled. In the morning until the evening we consume food or drinks that are countless and in portions. By fasting, a person will limit the intake of food or drink into their body, thereby increasing the body’s metabolism. Thus, it can help a person lose weight naturally without the need to take weight loss drugs which usually have side effects on the body.

4. Boosts the Immune System

By fasting, the production of cells to protect the body against infection will increase. Our body’s immune system will increase and there will be an increase in healing against an infectious disease or inflammation.

5. Improving the Function of Body Organs

Did you know that our organs work 24 hours a day, non-stop! And what is amazing about our organs, they keep working whether we are exercising or sleeping (resting). The workload of our organs is enormous in processing the food/drinks that enter our body every day.

The benefits of Ramadan Fasting for Health are to improve the function of our organs such as the heart, liver, stomach, brain, lungs, kidneys and other organs of our body. The function of our limbs increases, because fasting reduces pain in the joints.

With fasting, the function of our heart organ increases. Kidney function will also increase so that the release of toxins and substances that are harmful to the body increases. The stomach and liver are organs that have a high workload when all food/drink enters the body. By fasting, our stomach and liver will work better in processing the nutrients that enter and are needed by the body.

Fasting is useful for increasing neurotropism which functions to produce more brain cells. And have an impact on increasing brain function. In this way, a person’s thinking ability is maintained and increases intelligence. When fasting, there is an increase in the number of cell bodies. These cells function to replace dead cells and function better for the health of our body.

6. Lowering Stress Levels

Every day’s busy activities certainly make someone easily stressed. Office work, cleaning the house, or accompanying children to play all day drains our energy and minds.

Another benefit of fasting during Ramadan for health is that it makes our minds and hearts calmer. A calm state of mind makes our tasks or work easier to complete. Emotional or stress levels also decrease, and of course it has a very good impact on our physical and mental health.

So many benefits that we get when fasting. Not only seen from the religious side, but from our physical and mental health. Carrying out fasting in the month of Ramadan provides many benefits for us. To fast we must comply with the provisions. If someone is unable to fast, such as a pregnant woman, small child, or is sick and is prohibited from fasting, you may not fast and replace the Ramadan fast on another day according to the provisions.

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